When John got home tonight I told him about all the cleaning I did today...scrubbing the bathroom, washing the shower curtain, sweeping and mopping all the floors, washing the mats, dusting, and so on.
I am my own cleaning lady!
He wanted to know if I had updated my blog, which I had yet to do...because the photos from the girls getaway weekend still need a bit of editing.
Stay tuned.
Apparently daybook entries aren't always so interesting after a week!!

I had the option today of cleaning the house, working on my etsy shoppe, or catching up on blogs and clearly cleaning won out.
Although, I did watch the Ruby Bridges Disney movie (which was great) while I was cleaning.
I also discovered the I am Second video clips.
Do you know I am Second?
Seriously, more interesting blog posts are forth coming.


  1. Oh HI!!!! So glad you came by...and I love the photos (I have viewed so far on here:))
    I cannot believe you left the mountains here for California;)
    (haha.....although we are supposed to get snow very soon....)
    Thanks for coming by- I will add you to my blogroll!
    Happy week to you!

  2. sometimes cleaning must win out. i do not know i am second - will have to file that away.

    oh a weekend away! how wonderful.

  3. Love me some I am second! My husband just shot two football players for their campaign. They are a great organization. xo


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