turkey time

So, we were given a turkey the other day and I just put in the oven and we will be eating it around 9 pm tonight.
It should look like the above turkey in a few hours!
If you want to come over for a mini-laid-back turkey meal then call or email to tell us you are on your way over.
For reals!
Come on, an impromptu party.
We can play board games too.
Come on tomorrow is a holiday!


  1. MMM, wishing I was local. I missed out on the game board joy last time I was over.

  2. Oh that looks wonderful!!!
    So wish I lived a few states closer;)

    Have a wonderful time!

  3. yum!! i will admit i bought our turkey from honey baked ham. it's yummy.

  4. Ah what a lovely invite. Such a shame it's just an ordinary Thursday here. Have a wonderful day.


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