Snippets of a Getaway Weekend!

This past weekend, I took a quick getaway with a CIL (cousin in law) to Carlsbad to visit a good friend.
A weekend of good food, good friends and good shopping.

We stopped in at Maisonette.
A local and fabulous fabric/photo store owned by friends of friends.
Gotta love supporting small business...later we hit up Le Creuset Outlet so clearly I happy to support big business too...but they started as a small business!

There was amazing food as I mentioned earlier.
We cooked together which was so much fun for us visitors...especially since we usually have to cook for children! We also ate out a bit too.

Like the morning we set the alarm to enjoy the
High Tide breakfast in La Jolla!

Scrumptious I tell you!

The weather was fabulous and the view delightful.

We sat for a bit by the sea and watched the seals play.
Sometimes after a big breakfast you need to just sit and enjoy the view.

We browsed the shops, chatted about this and that and dreamed on succulent gardens.

On top of going for pedicures we were also treated to a at-home paraffin dip spa night!
So spoiled...so not my regular life!

If you look carefully you might see a heart...I like when that happens.
Random love notes in the form of a heart shaped rock or in this case the condensation.

Our farewell breakfast before church.
Yet another example of a great hostess and a great weekend.


  1. so much fun - i love that succulent wreath

  2. what fun! looks like it was a gorgeous weekend.

    (i pulled a photo of a succulent wreath from a magazine earlier this fall and put it in the "someday" diy folder.)

  3. So glad you had a nice weekend. Looks like fun! I need to get to Maisonette myself and get some fabric goodness in this condo. ♥

  4. Next year - same time - same place - please come back!

  5. What a wonderful weekend!!!
    I would love to go to that fabric store...and eat all that yummy food.
    Seals look like fun too:)

    Don't you love Memory Weekends?!?


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