If I Had a Boat

7 things you may or may not know about me:

1. This, "If I had a Boat" song by Lyle Lovett is one of my favorite songs.
2. When I start crying it can take me hours to pull myself together.
3. I use hankies...I prefer the vintage ones but reproductions work just fine.
4. I can not carry a tune, sing in key or keep a rhythm...and I often forget which song is my favorite until someone reminds me.
5. Blue cheese makes me gag.
6. When waves of emotion flood my soul, I impulsively want to rearrange furniture, purge my closet or move to a new city.
7. I often crave a bowl of honey-nut cheerios for an evening snack, though I rarely indulge since that cereal is rarely on hand.

What about you? Want to share a random bit of yourself?


  1. Here are two of mine:
    I like to eat sweet-tarts when I drive around in my car, but I only buy them from the office supply store.

    I really like reading very sad books.

    Oh, and I love every kind of cheese. And champagne.

  2. figures. it's one of my very favorite songs too.

  3. You just made my day with MY new fav. song!
    I love the smell of my new granddaughter, thai food and dirt after a rain. I still love chips and dip but only when I eat them with my daughter-in-law!
    I love rockin' out in my kitchen by myself and I love slow dancing with my husband in the kitchen even though neither one of us is very good at it!

  4. I can vouch for the blue cheese...Barney's Burgers circa 2007ish. Yes, folks, she actually sent her burger back and refused a replacement because she got a hint of blue cheese (like maybe a crumb from my burger floated over...or maybe she just caught a whiff). Doesn't make me love you any less! ;)

    xoxo, mm


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