Home Again!

We are back home again.
I love coming home.
I love leaving home too.
I love a holiday even if it is a 4day weekend.
We had a family whirlwind weekend of fun visiting friends in sunny Southern California.
We squeezed in all sorts of exciting adventures including a day at Legoland (underwhelming); a stop at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; a tour of Paramount Studios including a quick peek on the set of Glee; a harbor tour of San Diego and so much more.
We also dined with friends, stopped by the Queen Bee craft fair (only the me & Wendy), had an impromptu sleepover with new friends (kiddos only), stopped to meet the babies of a long time friend, had coffee with our roomie when we were first married (a story for another day), stopped for random photos and survived the 8 hour road trip in each direction.
We arrived home late last night and today did not slow down for us and judging by the calendar for this week (this month nor this season) will barrel us by.
So, this is all for now because there is laundry to fold, photos to edit and a bed to fall into.
More later.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful get-away!
    Hope you have it all stored in your memory bank for the laundry ahead:))

  2. Is that my Dels in head-to-toe PINK!? Unheard of!

    ~ mm


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