garland club love

I forgot to show a glimpse of the garland of the month garlands for the last couple of months.
October (above) and November (below).

It is not too late to send a subscription to a friend, cousin or foe for the new year.
Remember I can create custom garlands too.
There is a shoppe link in the sidebar.
Plus later this week there will be a new shoppe update.
Stay tuned for the goodness and a giveaway.


  1. Love that Ocotber one!!! What a creative garland:)
    Can't wait for the update:) You are one creative lady!!!!

  2. Hi Nicole-

    Not sure if you are going to be around this weekend, but wanna hang? Art day?

    Give me a buzz...we can swap art paper too!

    :) Melanie

  3. I'm so putting this on my Christmas list. I love the new ones you have up in your shop.


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