I might have said it before...but I will say it again.
Eggs are the perfect food.
I love them in all forms...soft boiled, fried, poached, in frittatas, quiches, cookies and cakes.
I even have backyard chickens so that eggs are always at hand.
Though, I must admit I have trouble making the perfect fried egg with out stickage to the pan.
Recently, I splurged and purchased a le cruset braising pan (from the outlet) and also learned that eggs won't stick if you use enough oil and if the eggs are at room temperature.
Did you know that?
I knew to have eggs at room temp for baking but it never occurred to me for frying.
So, yesterday I tried it.
See above photo.
Backyard fresh eggs (look at how tall the yolks stand!)
Look at the amount of EVOO in the pan.
Yep, they still stuck to the pan.
What am I doing wrong?
I am open to advice because I want to prepare and make the perfect egg every time.


  1. You know what I hate worse than eggs sticking to the pan? Eggs sticking to the pan when I try to do dishes. And not ever wanting to come off even with a scrub brush.
    My favorite egg cooking scheme....PAM cooking spray I know spray things aren't good for you- but it's good for my dishwashing sanity:)
    Wish I had some of your chickens;)

  2. i didn't really realize it was possible for eggs not to stick to pans so i'm completely no help.

    those are beautiful eggs though

  3. @ Dawn - if you ever forget the Pam, if you pour water into the pan while it's still warm - after you've taken the eggs out of course ;) the cleanup should be a breeze.

    We recently replaced all of our nonstick with stainless steel. So far what's produced the least amount of stickage has been:
    -eggs at room temperature
    -heating the pan and oil up first
    -keeping the temperature lower than I think I need.

    It's still a work in progress though.

  4. ummm...makes me want breakfast


  5. I'm so jealous of your fresh eggs. There is nothing better than scrambled eggs straight from the chicken. I use a non-stick pan and my eggs usually don't stick except for just around the edges. However, I CANNOT flip eggs. Not friend eggs and not omelets and it drives me nuts. Everything just turns into a scramble at some point.

  6. I thought it was hot pan and cold oil that created the non-stick effect. EVOO has a low burn point which could be part of the problem, try canola. I like to kill my eggs with heat in my nicely seasoned cast iron which never sticks! Good luck chicky.


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