crazy holiday fun!

We have a fun tradition every year with our family-ish friends.
We hang out together at our house for the day on Thanksgiving weekend (and/or Christmas).
We start with brunch and usually there is a hike, wii fest, board games, more food, chatting and so on.
We love this tradition we love these people and 12 hours passes in a flash.

This year we shook it up and instead of a hike with the dogs(it was rainy & muddy), we made beer, knitted, sewed, worked on a quilt, ate, did puzzles, played wii, chatted, ordered in dinner, ironed, folded laundry and crafted.
It was a wonderful fun filled day...it is not everyday you can invite guests over and they bring along their sewing machine & slippers.
This might be the new tradition!
these sad little photos are pure documentation of good times.


  1. fun!! i would love that. My nieces would too - they were impressed by my napkin folding and my little ornaments i did with the silverware that said "I am Thankful for You!"

    looks like an amazing time.

  2. Oh I love these kinds of "getting-togethers":))
    They put so many fun memories in Memory Banks!!!!

    Thanks for sharing...and your photos are wonderful documenting:))))

  3. It was such a perfect day - creating with friends and family. I still like Wendy's idea of a craft weekend!

    Laura B

  4. Looks like a fun filled, cozy weekend! We'd love to see you all when you come this way again, and if we ever venture up that way we'd love to get together too. ♥

  5. awesome! Love that you're sewing in the midst of all that happiness and family. xo


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