want vs need

I wanted to sew pillow covers with this new fabric.
I wanted to work on garlands.
I wanted to add to my shoppe.
I wanted Jude to practice cursive.
I wanted Delia to practice scales.

The kids wanted to sit on the sofa on this gloomy afternoon and watch a movie and eat popcorn.

So, I popped corn, made hot cocoa and fired up the netflix instant queue.
We watched "Liberty's Kids".
Great show by the by...feeds my homeschool wanna-be soul.
Sometimes motherhood means changing wants to needs.
All of us needed down time today.
The kids and I needed a cozy blanket, a tasty snack and the chance to snuggle on the sofa.


  1. Lovely, Nicole! What a gift for your children...

  2. sounds like the perfect cozy afternoon.

  3. yes!!!! i wanna join your afternoons!

  4. and that it the kind of day that sticks in a kid's memory too!

  5. oops, I can't spell--that was supposed to say "that IS the kind of day...."

  6. nicole...help. it's caleb's bday next week and now he's decided he DOES want a party! where do i look for that science party you guys did for jude? as much as i love you, i don't have time to scroll through all the past posts to find it! i need inspiration...

  7. love it. How awesome are you? What a great mom! xo


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