snippets of the weekend

grape stomping competitions.
we were spectators not competitors.

piglets, calves and llamas.

ribbons and parades.

rabbits in small cages...is that for transport?

great sadness when rabbits can not join our family farm.

fried food.

glorious and fatty and a treat.

award winning pumpkins, apples and honey.

celebrating the harvest.

bumper cars in spite of being too short.

friends for lunch after church and a mini butter making demonstration.

introducing new friends to etsy.
not pictured:
a girls crafting night out.
amazing giants game.
half century birthday party for our older friends.
cone-less Lucy.
another great weekend.

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  1. My Jude loved seeing your pics on this post. Especially the one with "the other Jude" in it! ha ha ha.


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