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spotted @ wideopenspaces (thank you emily)
A video from inspiredtoaction...a new to me website.

I really like the quote in the video," It's not about the mom you were today, it is about the mom you are fighting to be." I needed to hear that...today.


  1. so glad you shared this. such a powerful story. xo

  2. Thanks for sharing the video! I'm SO glad it encouraged you!

  3. GIRL!!! Big huge hugs and kisses to you for sharing this. I so appreciate the introduction to this woman and her blog. Thank you friend! xo

  4. This was so good. Thank you so much for sharing this. I needed this too. My son is 18 and he is determined to do things his way and he just moved out. I raised him with Godly morals and beliefs, but he's kind of doing his own thing right now. I beleive he will mature and remember the things I taught him and come back to those someday soon.

  5. Thank you, I had a bit of a difficult morning with my daughter and watching this has inspired me not to give up.


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