Last year we went to a marriage conference, which was awesome by the by, at the conference one of the speakers said something to the effect,

"...if the hotel is stupid and the music is stupid and the speakers are stupid and the food at the buffet is stupid and the drivers are stupid. Just maybe the problem isn't with everything around you but but maybe the problem is you..."

So that statement sums up my life right now. Everything around me is stoopid. Okay, not everything but there are little things like the fact we can't get our extended warranty people (DO NOT USE GWC) to make good on the car breakdown of July 2010, about 2 weeks ago I scraped the bummer of another car while pulling out of a parking space (more insurance issues), I am feeling overwhelmed by the whole working mom business, frustrated by my kids inability to get along and so on and so forth. Basically I am finding the stoopid in the world around me.

Then I am challenged, I have nothing to really complain about, I know people who are enduring the the heartache of giving birth to a stillborn. I know people who are enduring the heartache of a marriage dissolving. I know people who are on the brink of losing their home. I know people who can't afford healthcare for their children.

Suddenly my "stoopids" and my complaints are nothing because in the grand scheme of things I am just having a bad week, an emotional week and frustrating week.
I have so much to be thankful for.
To be grateful for.
Grateful to God for this life...for such a time as this.
This time. This moment.
I am also grateful for new mercies every morning.
I have a good life regardless of my minor grievances with the stoopids.

Enough said.


  1. great post. sending love your way. xoxo

    ps i think you're awesome
    pps i like the new layout

  2. Sigh... I completely understand girlfriend!

  3. I think GWC is, actually, really stupid.

    You, my friend, are brilliant enough to recognize beauty and love when you see it.


  4. Ahhh, the stoopids. I feel your pain.

  5. Awe, sending lots of love your way! Sounds like you're having one of those week (ME TOO!)


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