knock off

Today, when I was at Anthro (my fav store ever),
I noticed pretty little hairpins made with silk ribbon tied into bows.

I thought to myself, " Hey, I could do that!"
Instead of just thinking those thoughts, I went home and moved into action.
I made an Anthroplogie knock-off.

Using items I had on hand.
As a side note, I have the tools/items to accomplish most craft projects in my home. Sad.
I gathered silk ribbons bits(leftover from a garland of the month awhile back), found a good hairpin in Delia's room and located fabric glue.

I snipped varied lengths of ribbon, tied the ribbon in a knot around the hairpin, trimmed ribbons, secured knot with fabric glue, let glue dry and placed the knock off lovely in Delia's hair.

So pretty.
So fast.
They would make a great gift add-on.


  1. Brilliant, I may have to borrow this idea myself

  2. And how much was Anthro charging for those lovelies?


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