I HATE Halloween!

There I said it!
"I HATE Halloween!"
I said it again , so it must be true.
I do not like the commercialism, the expense, the candy, the evil, the scary, the madness, the $50 nasty costumes at the big box stores and so on.
This year it has become a 3 day extravaganza...
plus this year Halloween is on a Sunday and I want Sunday's to be a day for God.
So, this year we are buying the children off.
No purchased costumes, no trick or treating, no handing out candy, no extras.
Instead a new Lego set for Jude and breakfast at Denny's with friends for Delia.

If they wanted to dress up for school they had to dig through our dress up stash.
Amazingly, when they set aside the idea of being Cad Bane, they discovered they were happy being a girl rancher and a pirate.
Photos of that later.
But I still hate Halloween.


  1. I'm with ya sista. Although, I forgot Halloween was on a Sunday and told my kids I'd let them go trick or treating with homemade pieced together costumes. So, the compromise is that we'll go trick or treating from 3-5 at some local merchants'.
    By the way, my mom and dad-in-law are here helping us with umpteen projects and she says that she misses you folks and can't believe how old your kids are getting. So, hello from her!

  2. No World Series on Sunday?

  3. yup. we are NOT halloween folk either, and tend to go swimming or out and about. this year we are teaming up with christine, jer and zach to do something with the kids...away from costumes and homes that , quite simply, frighten my children.

  4. You go girl. Totally awesome. I'm stuck with Trick or Treating, but no 3-day fest for us! And we'll go trick or treating with some great friends in a better neighborhood than ours, and we won't be home to hand out candy to teenagers in white t-shirts carrying pillow cases. Mostly home-made/thrift store costumes (a few store bought items), and I'm counting myself lucky this year. But I still hate Halloween. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly! In fact, I just said those exact words to my husband last night. Now Christmas - that's another story with a real reason to celebrate!

  6. I almost agree with you except for one fact. Every year I put together nice little bags of candy and include a colorful gospel tract. Last year 150 little people took home a message of The Good News. This year, it was less than 100 ( maybe 96) and only 2 or 3 ugly guys and lots of cute, cute little home made costumes.
    So I thank the Lord for the opportunity to share the Word of God with some neighbors.
    Bless you in your convictions.
    October 31
    Proverbs 31:22 A virtuous woman makes coverings of tapestry, her clothing is silk and
    (Who is virtuous? Will she wear purple tonight?)

  7. They do trick-or-treating over at the shopping center in Alameda - where we happen to go to Trader Joes. And I said to Mr. Man - "When did Halloween become this parade of polyester?"

  8. The one thing I like about Halloween is the tiny little kids that walk right in to the house. With much prompting from a parent, they eventually say something to the effect of "swickerweet!" They get a candy, and on the way out, they say "bye doggy" to Petra. They are the only ones who notice her peaking around from the back room (her room) because they are her height! It's adorable.

  9. OH MY GOSH! I could NOT agree more! I hate it too! You hit the nail on the head, missing only one thing, all the individually wrapped candy that creates gobs of trash and cavities. Just one more thing we have in common.

    PS - Boooooo Giants! xo


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