get thee to the movies

Be gone!
Get involved!
Go see "Waiting for Superman"!
Then come back and let's talk about it.
Did you see this film?
What did you think?
I think there is a need for change.

John & I had the chance to go to a TeachForAmerica viewing of the film.
A theater chock full of teachers.
I wonder if you have children in public schools, in a failing school district if you see this film differently?
Warning: this film may cause you to cry.

photo via waitingforsuperman


  1. No I haven't seen this movie, but I just went to see Secretariat. Very inspiring and awesome movie. Have a great weekend.

  2. It is on my list, Nicole. (has been for a bit, but haven't seenit around here yet!) g

  3. i have not seen the movie, nor are my children in public school - yet! i have heard such a variety of commentary. i hear parents love the movie and are empowered to take action, while teachers feel that it misrepresents how the system really works. i gotta go see it...


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