fun finds

Just some fun finds to share with you!
Like this pile Plover Organic bedding.
Doesn't it look fantastic?
photo via ploverorganics
More goodies like...

A backyard wedding with beautiful paper flowers.
The most amazing decals for your wall or door or fence.
Gorgeous calendar roundup.
The prettiest little diy tree!
An adorable shop of folded lovelies!
A delicious looking salad I NEED to make...with quinoa!
The coolest apartment EVER...complete with a built-in snowglobe!
Just for fun.
Check the links for lots o' goodness!


  1. Wow. That apartment is amazing! And love the backyard wedding. :)

  2. Ha! re: the apartment photos. I read the whole article. I've actually been on the Seattle Underground tour in Pioneer square and the tour guide definitely mentioned something about a recluse living up there. Not sure about all the cats though.


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