daybook 7

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Outside my window...the breeze is cool, the sun is shining and my garden needs weeding
I am thinking...about treasures and where they are stored and what counts as a treasure
I am thankful for...foggy mornings, a good husband and 3 laying hens
From the kitchen...hard boiled eggs, brussel sprouts and a stack of dirty dishes
I am wearing...baggy jeans, white tee, grey cardigan and slippers
I am creating...etsy shoppe ideas in my noggin and sketching them in my notebook
I am going...to take Delia to gymnastics, make supper and catch up on Project Runway.
I am reading... "Soul Survivor" by Philip Yancey (still) and "One Year Off" by David Cohen
I am hoping...to feel less frantic, find some "me" time and enjoy the roller-coaster ride of life
I am hearing...the neighbors dog barking, Jude's book on CD and the dog's cone of shame hit the walls
Around the house...we are all doing our own thing, in different rooms and enjoying the downtime
One of my favorite things...chai tea, salted caramels and our new-to-us sofa
A few plans for the rest of the week: hang with a childhood friend, go to Napa and enjoy this good life

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  1. i love the daybook entries too. and i adore salted caramels

  2. sounds like i have multiple husbands...which i do not. i will edit the post to say good husband.


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