clever me!

So, I got this fancy new (and clearly already smudged) toy this week.
Which means I need a ipad sleeve or case or something.
I looked on ETSY and the ones I loved are made of felt.
Which got me thinking about the wool felt I have on hand.
So, I dug through the fabric stash and found orange wool felt and an amazing piece of coordinating kokka fabric.
"I am so clever!", I think to myself.

So I haul out the sewing crapola.
I measure.
I think.
I ponder.
I measure again.
It is always best to measure twice and cut once.
Or measure 6 times.

I figure I need a double layer of felt for extra padding.

I think about how this sleeve will look.
I plan, without a pattern.
Not so easy for me because I can be a bit number challenged.
Oh and spatially challenged.

See, more measuring.

Jose, my faithful helper checks my work.

I call Dee for a quick over the phone consult and decide a hair elastic and button are much less work than making button holes and lining up buttons.

Finally after a couple of hours, with a soccer drop off break, I am able to add the button.
I love the colors, the feel and even the wonky flap.

I am so clever...I made a protective sleeve/case for my brand new ipad.
There is room for improvement so don't look too close but I think I could iron out the kinks in this proto-type and improve the design.
I am still debating a top stitch on the sides but then again I am debating a protective skin for the gadget itself.
So much debating.
So much goodness.


  1. It looks great. DIY goodness.


    DIY Goddess.

  3. I got the same fancy new toy this week! I plan to make a cover next weekend. I've already made a Kobo cover for my partner -- so I hope that I can just scale up the pattern that I made for that! Glad that yours fit the first time :)It's beautiful!

  4. You ARE so clever -- love this little cozy!

    (The world's a much better place when everything's got a cozy.)

  5. Clever you is right! Well done girlie. xo Oh and congrats on the new toy.


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