baseball, acrobats and such

This weekend consisted of lots of baseball...go Giants!
Lots of family time.
Including Chatty and the Mr for lunch on Sunday.
The chaos of photo day for soccer and a game to boot.
Aquiring new furniture like a shed, sofa, desk, cabinet and so on.
Eating of artichokes, pulled pork sammies and gelato.
We also went to the circus, met one of the acrobats, and Delia learned a new skill.

Notice the acrobat and Delia.

Again with Dad; repeat all weekend long for everyone.

Notice the gelato.
I had stracciatella, of course ( to pretend I was on Italia not Berkeley).

Chatty and the Mr.


  1. Fun! We went to the circus oz show too! On Saturday night...looks like y'all hit a matinee? xox

  2. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. You've got a brave girl there! :)

  3. Oh it was so much fun to see you guys, thank you SO SO much for having us over, especially with such short notice! You have a lovely home, inspirational really! :)

  4. The circus!! So cool!
    Fun to see C on your blog.

  5. Can't wait to see the new trick during a live show. Miss you guys!



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