weekend recap

Sometimes I just can't haul a camera around with me.
Sometimes, I forget to bring the camera.
Sometimes I think our outing will be a quick trip not a blow-out-day on the town.
Sometimes the camera is just too heavy to tote around.
Thus the case this weekend past.

A great fun filled non-photo documented weekend with the ifam.

-multiple bookstore visits.
-the boys went to the game and the girls stayed in with take-out.
-eating out at the counter...super tasty & fun.
-a trip to the mac store to dream about owing an ipad.
-a laugh or two at a family strolling down the mall...both parents on their 1phoen and 2 of the 3 kids playing on an itouch...classy...welcome to America...a family day out.
-popcorn slide show at church.
-hanging with extended family
-a trip to the market to fetch seasonal veggies
-impromptu Sunday evening meal of fancy grilled cheese sandwiches complete with fried eggs, heirloom tomatoes and avocados.

Next time I will bring my camera.
I think.


  1. Well done
    or should I say
    "Well spent"

  2. sounds like it was a perfect weekend..sometimes it's good to take a little break from the camera don't ha think?


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