a wee harvest

A wee harvest.
Have I ever mentioned that I need some land?
Give me land, lots of land with the starry skies above.
Land for potatoes, tomatoes, beets and many wee orchards.
Land for children to let their imaginations run wild.
Land for chickens to free range.
Land for the dog (s) to be king of.
Land to live off.
Land to rejoice in.
For now I will be satisfied with my wee plot in the backyard.
For in this time and place I will choose to grateful for "all the good things that I got".


  1. The wee harvest is lovely!

    A word of warning about your wishes for land--the Land for chickens to free range/Land for the dog (s) to be king of can be an unfortunate combination. But maybe your dog will be nicer than mine :)


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