magazine purge

I love a good clean out.
A purge of stuff.
The cluttery junk that squashes my spirit.
Today, I tackled the built-in bookshelves in Jude's room.
Where I HAD oodles of old magazines, journals, calenders and not recently read books.
A necessary purge...see above crate chock full of magazines.
I also unloaded 2 buckets of books and a bag for the goodwill bin...and I am not finished yet!.
I don't need that clutter...I gotta the world wide web for inspiration.
Fortunately, a local recycling center has a bin for magazines and a book drop.
(where you can drop your no longer needed books and take new to you books)

The only magazines left are my domino stash...I am still sad they are not in print anymore.
I figure someone would pay for these babies.
Anyone want to buy them?
Email me with your best price.
I also have a prima latin curriculum (homeschool...student/teacher manual & CD)and
Dr. Sears "The Successful Child" book for sale.
Just in cases.


  1. Thank goodness you didn't kick those Domino mags to the curb. They go for $5-15 on ebay per issue. Get posting and make a small fortune.

  2. Hi Nicole-

    Oh shucks! I could have enjoyed some of those old Marthas! Ha! Oh well, to the Recycling Center it goes... Perhaps you will see me rummaging there this weekend! Ha!


  3. Just in cases ^_^

    Oh gosh, I adore Love Actually...


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