The Deuce (AKA Lucy) has ongoing skin issues.
Lots of itchy irritated skin.
We seem to go to the vet every couple of months to figure it out but to no avail.
She is such a great family dog...except for the incessant head shaking and toe licking.
Today the vet put a big socking thing over Lucy's head and right ear to prevent an edema-ish thangamajig from growing bigger in her ear.
Poor baby.
She wants to scratch the whole thing off.
She has a new (non cedar) mat, a new fish oil added to her no grain fish based food and a regime of anitboitics & anti-histamines.
Next month she will have blood work done to determine what kind of allergies she has.
I do feel terrible for her, the poor Deuce.
Clearly so does John judging by the above photo.

On to other pet news...
Jose is so stink'n fat... this has become his favorite position.
Our fat cat.
Oh, we also have a brooding hen, Omelet.
I am desperately trying to break her of this bad habit so that the nesting box can be used by Roxy & Wellsey and so that egg production can return to 3/day.


  1. OK, John in the background is hilarious...

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  3. Can I point out much like Monica that your husband in the background is hilarious. Many a men have assumed the same position while in front of their laptop! ha a ha

  4. Ooh, we had a very similar condition with our lab, which ended up being a wheat allergy. Trying removing any wheat at all from his diet and see if that helps!


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