Long weekend fun.
A quick visit to Japantown.

We ate tempura, miso soup, and katsu-don.
We purchased Japanese goodies like a hiragana workbook, a back scratcher, hello kitty slippers, fancy erasers, washi tape, awesome pens and origami papers.

We spotted mini bonsai cherry trees, kimonos, rice cookers, bubble tea and lucky bamboo.

We picked up our favorite Japanese food treats.

I love these impromptu family outings.
The rest of the weekend consisted of friends, church, a soccer parade/scrimmage, crafting, sleepovers, fishing, family bike ride, a visit to the bookstore and all sorts of other goodness.


  1. ooo - did you go to my favorite bookstore while you were out there -Kinokuniya? The craft section is deliriously amazing!

    Oh! and I've officially tagged you with a Versatile blogger award :)


  2. That's totally what I've been wanting to do too! Already planning on going this week.

  3. Oh gosh, Asian grocers are my most favourite place to shop. They are amazing! SO many wonderful finds!

  4. I wish I could manage my blog like you.
    So, I am wondering, are erasers the latest thing to collect? I have a little set that a friend brought me from Japan. They are Mickey and Minnie. I am an Mickey fan. Darrell and I are heading to WDW Thursday. We are meeting Tiffany there. We are going to celebrate!
    Bless you lots
    September 7, two days, then celebrate
    Proverbs 7:4 Say to wisdom, You are my sister; and call understanding your kinswoman
    ( sisterhood Ü )


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