The French Laundry

photo via sf chronicle.

There was a great article about the restaurant, "The French Laundry", over at sfgate yesterday.
One of these years I hope to have the opportunity to dine at "The French Laundry".
Basically John & I would each have to squirrel away $1/day for just under a year.
You can see why we haven't gone....even though we live about an hour drive away.
You are welcome to donate to the cause of sending us there for dinner!!
So shameless.
After reading the article, which my dear husband left on the desktop for me to read, I have decided that I like "The French Laundry" even more than before.
Go read it and dream of a 4 star meal.
Speaking of food, is anyone watching Top Chef this season?


  1. i watch top chef - i was so sad to see tiffany go home. now i guess i want that short guy to win.

  2. What a fascinating article! I would love to visit their kitchen garden...but I don't think I'm classy enough to eat there. I'm a jeans kind of girl.

  3. I'd love to go here -- but it seems a bit intimidating!

  4. So, how do I view the article about the French Laundry? I don't even know how I heard about Tom Keller the first time, but I got his $100. cook book FROM THE LIBRARY. And then started looking for my own copy at the friends of the Library store. Anyway, seeing the name again, makes me curious ( one of Jackson's favorite words )
    Blessings to you 4
    September 16 ( birthday to son in law steve)
    Proverbs 16:21 The wise in heart shall be called prudent; and the sweetness of the lips increases learning.


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