10 years.

on saturday we celebrated 10 years of marriage.
technically 10 years on the 29th but...

we had childcare so we went to farmstead in st helena.

go there.

order the potted pig and brick chicken...try the olive oil too.

take time to drink a glass of wine while strolling in the gardens.

stop to visit the hen house, throw a horseshoe and swing for a moment.

we will definitely dine at farmstead again.
yeah for celebrating marriage.
yeah for evenings out and lazy kid free mornings.


  1. Happy 10 years!
    Also- I'm so glad to see that you went out and celebrated on your own...good on ya. You dinner looks delish and I love the reflection of the trees in your glass of wine...so pretty.

  2. Congrats! 10 years is big. Really big. So glad you celebrated in a big way. That place looks amazing. A little jealous. Not. gonna. lie. xo

  3. Okay - need to go there soon. Wine country...here I come.

  4. Congratulations!!!

    btw, that dinner looks cuh-razy. I'm almost in tears that I'm having ramen tonight. But I'm too tired to drive up to wine country to eat what you had, so there you go. Maybe I'll be classy though and have a glass of wine with Gossip Girl?

  5. happy 10 year anni!!!!
    what a nice celebration you had too =) see you soon!
    <3 aubrey

  6. Looks like a lovely way to celebrate 10 yrs of marriage! That looks like a dining experience I could easily love!


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