daybook 6

Here is a picture I am sharing of Delia as a baby...now nearly 7,

Outside my window...the night is dark and foggy.
I am thinking...I would rather be a stay-at-home mom full time not part time..
I am thankful for...the extra income my part time job provides and my new red flats.
From the kitchen...creamy polenta, with a bacon/seasonal veggies medley...leftovers for John.
I am wearing...khaki trousers, navy chucks, navy tee, navy cardigan, grey scarf, argyle socks
I am creating...birthday thingamajigs for Delia's party later this week.
I am going...to bed, pronto.
I am reading..."Soul Survivor" by Philip Yancey.
I am hoping...that the peace I yearn will be the peace I find.
I am hearing...the squeak of the backdoor, the click of dog paws on the floor and the beep of the microwave.
Around the house...the night time quiet is settling in, like the bay area fog.
One of my favorite things...wearing scarves and planning birthday parties.
A few plans for the rest of the week: throw an awesome ice cream sundae party and celebrate my 10th anniversary with a quick getaway.

The simple woman's daybook...play along!


  1. hope you have a beautiful anniversary - filled with lots of love and happiness.

  2. Oh my she is adorable. Yea for birthdays and anniversaries!!

  3. a gorgeous baby. happy birthday to your girl!

    i like these daybooks - peek into your life. which i hope doesn't sound weird. :)


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