camping and marriage

This summer I was struck by the juxtaposition of camping and marriage.
Car camping.
I am an expert on marriage you know, this month we will have been married 10 years, so I now know everything.
Here are my thoughts:
Like in marriage, when camping you need to be prepared.
Bring or find your firewood....sometimes it must chopped down to a manageable size.
Plan menus, buy food and stock the cooler.
Don't for get to pack chocolate, wine and fresh fruit.
Bring warm clothes, preferably a shelter and a comfy bedroll.
Plan ahead. Book a campsite. Ask for time off.
Plan. Pursue. Prepare.

You need to set up camp.
Create a home base.
Not fancy but functional with creature comforts.
You need to keep the home fires burning...lighting and stoking the fire.
Allowing the embers to glow...for s'mores of course.
You need stop working when it gets dark and sit and stare at the stars.
To thank God for His creation.
Enjoy your morning coffee by the fire.
Camping reminds us to sit still...something that should happen in a marriage.
To just be.

When camping, like in a marriage,
you need team effort, support and a sense of humor.
The ability to set up and pack up together.
To push the air out of the tent, roll up the therma-rests.
The ability to stay dirty, jump in the icy river to clean up and to wash yours hands in water warmed by the fire.
Ah, camping!
Ah, marriage!


  1. Nicole, I love this! Can't wait to get more of your wisdom...since really you're me in just a few years! ;)

  2. when i was married...camping usually made me want to be unmarried. LOL

  3. This is great, Nicole. Love it. :)

  4. The day Casey and I can set up the tent together without evil thoughts toward each other will be a day of celebration, but all other parts of camping are pretty great. Love this post!

  5. love this. thank you! we need to go camping sans the kids (who sleep terribly away from home)!


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