4 comments...REALLY!

So only 4 or you want to enter to win a garland.
Really...come on.
I think I might be insulted.
Which begs the question, should I really care how many people read my blog?
Is my blog about the readers?
Or about me?
I know according to my site reader that there are readers.
Not too many but many more than 4.
Then again I don't enter every giveway I encounter.
Why blog? Why not?
Oh, so many thoughts.
At this rate pretty much everyone is likely to win something!
A giveaway over here.


  1. Well... If it means anything....
    1. I rarely have comments on mine either, but I'm "sure" peeps are still reading....
    2. Then again, I'd probably still write it if I knew no-one was reading.
    3. I'm reading yours and I love it.
    4. I had a dream that I met you, but I kept calling you DeliaJude, even though I knew your name is Nicole.
    The end.

  2. ha ha ha. looks like you got your comments friend! Your garland is lovely! Who wouldn't want a little something that pretty? xo (PS I read you!)

  3. I love reading your blog...
    Why didnt I enter!
    Im fairly sure I have the worst luck with winning anything so I rarly enter drawings!
    I also have to admit that I sew alot and have made some garland for my sewing room. I keep wishing to throw a party so I have an excuse to make some more.
    Thanks for writing I love seeing all the things you create from craft to food.
    Its also really great to see a Mama in love with her kidos :)


I love comments!