School is back in session.
With mixed emotion.
I had originally planned to home school but our plans changed.
That is a whole other post for another day.
So, on the first day of school 2010/11, I yelled at my kids, lectured about teasing and promptly burst into tears over lunch boxes and regretted my poor parenting skills.
The rest of day was equally miserable, what with setting the alarm off at work and a parking ticket...oh and it was 100 out today.
The madness of after school activities consisting of optometry appointments, piano lessons and soccer practice didn't help either.
I did make amends by taking the kids for gelato mid-after-school craziness.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Check out back to school photos of years gone by:


  1. You are right...tomorrow is a new day. Thankfully His mercies are new every morning too! You're a GREAT mama....we all have bad days. We start school in 2 weeks.....
    p.s. christine and i think you should come visit us in ontario!

  2. The whole description of your back-to-school morning makes me quite sure that we are blood relatives! I'm interested in your thoughts about home school. That idea keeps hovering in the back of my mind....

  3. I just looked back at the previous first day of school pictures - I hope her striped socks become a first day of school "thing."

  4. Love you, Nicole. You're a great mama. We all have days like that. :)

  5. And so you shall pick yourself up by your bootstraps and carry on. Dare I say "cowboy up!"? You are a terrific mom, wife, and friend. Keep looking up! Lots of smiles to you and the family.


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