real food or utter madness

This weekend we hit the "eat real food fest" in Oak-town.

As soon as we arrived we were given 2 free taco tickets.
I love free food...especially spicy foodie tacos.
Thank-you kung fu tacos.

Shortly thereafter, we were smooshed into the madhouse of waaaaaay too many people.
Utter madness, I tell you.
I was truly overwhelmed by the crowds.
I wanted to sample "real food", learn about mead and spend way too much money on gourmet taco trucks and the such.
Instead people got in my way and made me grumpy.
So we only stayed a short time before we deemed this "family day" activity a dud.
Jude said we should have just gone bike riding.

Though we did witness goat butchering...which is s skill I hope never to need but if I am stranded I may remember what to do.
There was also the opportunity to try drinkable yogurt, buy peaches and see cool coops.

The kids wanted to eat pesto pasta, yogurt, dill pickles and granola.
Ironically all real foods in our fridge or prepared by yours truly.
I had a chance to get my favorite...a macaroon.
However, I ordered a hazelnut flavor but ended up with a geranium flavor.
I am certain I prefer not having flower flavors in my food.
I'll save geranium and lavender for my hand soap, thank you very much.
Eat real food fest I wanted to love you but I did not.


  1. Bummer, I was hoping it would be fun. Live and learn.

  2. I need to try these kimchi tacos I've heard so much about!! And I'm with you on the flower-flavored foods (of course!) - I like my food to taste like good ol' food!

  3. ugh. Hate it when that happens. That's how the folk life festival is here in Seattle. You want to enjoy it but you can't see or hear anything for the mash of people all around you. Score on the free tacos, though.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for wanting to love it but admitting that you did not! Sounds like just the sort of thing I would force my handsome husband and children to attend and then feign "loving it" way past it's deserving of love, all in a misguided attempt to be enthusiastic about things that should be awesome but are not.


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