a few things

a few things I have learned about myself and my life in the past few weeks:
- i love fresh corn but i prefer to cut it off the cob.
-i am not such a fan of salad bars.
-if i get the chance to sleep in, i can not actually sleep in.
-the best shower ever is after camping.
-i will never be a rock climber.
-food prepared and eaten outdoors always tastes so much better.
-hot lattes out weigh cold ones 10 to 1.
-it is always good to be home.
just a small sampling but you get the idea.
just got home last night from a weekend + of camping, more details and photos to come.


  1. I'm gonna go ahead and ditto just about everything except the corn on the cob! There's just something about pulling that stuff out of your teeth with floss later that I love! xo

  2. I totally agree about the corn and the shower-after-camping. I dislike food between my teeth, and I LOVE that cleaner than clean feeling that a long shower after a camping trip gives you.


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