daybook 4

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing...

Outside my window...the night is dark, the air is still and it is still 90.
I am thinking... i failed as a mother today.
I am thankful for...shelter, food and family.
From the kitchen...ginger cookies...made yesterday.
I am wearing...purple pj bottoms, white pj tank.
I am creating...madness.
I am going...to bed.
I am reading..."The Magic of Ordinary Days" by Anne Howard Creel.
I am hoping...to be more patient tomorrow and the day after that.
I am hearing...the hum of the fan.
Around the house...everyone is hot, those that are sleeping are restless and those who are awake are also restless from the heat.
One of my favorite things...zinnias.
A few plans for the rest of the week: make garlands, bread pudding and switch Jude's dresser.

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  1. nope. not failed. just in need of grace, as we all do. "new in the morning" though, right?

    and how do/did you like that book?


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