camp 101

It can be said that I love camping.
I love the tending of the hearth.
I don't mind the dirt and grime.
I appreciate the slower pace of life.

I also enjoy being outside.
Freeing myself from hair products, make-up and mirrors.
I like building a fire.
Sitting by the riverside in the morning.

I do not care for river bathing but I'll endure.
Next year we want to camp for 10 days.
Actually, I would like to find a sponsor or two and try a summer long National Park Blitz.
Doesn't that sound fun?
Camping for 2 months.
Wanna be our sponsor?

More photos and thoughts to come.
Reflections on Manzanar.
Analogies of marriage & camping.
Tending of the hearth reflections.
Camping tips.
And the such.
For now I must finish the laundry, pack up the camp gear and go to work.


  1. Nicole-

    We are big campers too...we should try getting the families together! I love cooking outdoors and Bill has amazing survival skills!

    Hope your summer is super rad!


  2. This looks like such a wonderful time! <3 <3

    PS. I got your package yesterday -- awe!!!


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