summer dinners x2

Last night we feasted on fresh corn.
Picked in the morning locally for dinner.
Not as local as my backyard but someday.

A family feast of corn, salad, cheese, bread and crispy potatoes.
Simple. Tasty. Local.

Tonight we feasted on BLT's.
Most of the ingredients were picked up at the farmer's market last night.
Another perfect summer dinner.
Simple. Local. Scrumptious.
The boy child complained about the tomatoes but I am the mom and I picked BLT's.
No substitutes at this house.

Strawberry shortcakes for dessert.
I cheated and picked the shortcakes up at the farmer's market.
Can I just say...the sweetest strawberries of the season.

With dinner we had a side of dictation.
A dinner time/ meal time behavior list.

There was a bit too much complaining, falling off chairs and bad manners for my liking.
I don't think dictation helped anyone but me.


  1. Even if it only helped you, it was worth it! And what do want to bet it DID help them, only you won't know it for 20 years???

  2. BLTs!!! Yum! Can't wait for my tomatoes to be ready!

    Am giggling a little at the mealtime behavior list...all the while knowing that I will soon be standing in your shoes.


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