root beer chocolate cake

I rarely make cake.
I like cake.
I like rootbeer.
I like chocolate.
I wish I was more like Alicia of posie gets cozy...she is either knitting something fabulous or baking a cake...or something equally wonderful.
So, when I saw this root beer chocolate cake over at the kitchn,
I knew I had to add it to today's to-do list.
A welcome addition to cooking dinner, sorting laundry and novel reading.

An after dinner/before bed treat.
Using John's homemade rootbeer.
A super moist cake with a subtle rootbeer flavor.
I really liked the frosting too.
I'd make this cake again.
You can make it too.
The recipe is at the kitchn.
go forth and bake.
oh and share.
There is plenty of cake....come on by for a slice.


  1. I must not tell my husband about this cake. I will have to make it, and I'm a horrible cake baker! Looks scrumptious!

  2. Now that was a crazy cake, totally yummy! Thanks for the goodies.


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