oh the glamour!

I haven't had much to say lately.

I haven't cooked anything fantastic or crafted any out-of-this-world projects.
I haven't gone on any great adventures or taken fabulous photos of the daily adventures.
I have been working at my new job, a wonderful creative place, perfect for me.
I have been sweeping the floors, switching the laundry loads, watching streaming movies and going out to eat.

Yesterday, I was scheming on how and where we could get a down-payment for a charming 2 bedroom house in our neighbourhood and then reality set in...what on earth am I thinking...2 bedrooms...there are 4 of us and a passel of pets.
I do believe one day I will have a charming house to call my own
(though our little rental cottage is a great place to be),
not likely before I am forty but someday.

Speaking of pets, the chickens seem to be stepping on and eating their eggs.

The whole point of having chickens is for fresh eggs.
That's my point anyways.
Today I am trying to trick the pullets by leaving a play egg in the other nesting box and leaving the area where they usually lay open.
I don't know if this will work but I gotta try something.

See, blather blather blather.

On the upswing, the kids had a sleepover last night with family friends, so today was a day to sleep in, use guilt free computer time, and be selfish.

Also on the agenda for today, dim sum (which I have never done), working, hiking with Lucy and more laundry.
Oh, the glamour. ( I am Canadian)


  1. dim sum sounds pretty glamorous to me! :) seriously though...i so know this feeling if not exactly the same thing. life has been being pretty mundane lately.

  2. Hi Miss Nicole Mama, I know this is not related to your blog ( did you know that I have one too? ) but I am wondering if you knew that we are going to spend the night with your parents this weekend! And there is a secret I would share if I hear back from you. So that is how it is. I don't understand blogs, facebook, etc, so I will see if you even read your comments. Love you
    August 3
    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all our heart.
    ( sounds simple, but we just try to do it on our own )


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