I just want to say, though it has been said before, that working moms (parents) are the bomb.
In a good way.
I am not talking about me but all you other moms out there that manage to create, cook, work full time, keep house, parent, shuttle your children to and fro, attend meetings, maintain appointments, juggle childcare, mop your floors and whatever else you do to maintain your sanity and your life.
Kudos to you.
This summer I have tasted this life to a small degree and I am in awe of you.
Thank you to my own mom who managed this juggling act for so many years.
my garden photo unrelated to topic at hand unless you add gardening to the list.


  1. Hear, hear!! It always feels good to hear what is often times unrecognized, thanks Nicole.

  2. so true. i am having a hard time just doing the mama thing w/out an additional full-time job.


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