delightful find.

I feel like this bright sunflower (which is growing in my garden) because some feathered girl gifted me with eggs.

This morning I discovered the egg on the left laying under the food dish...not in the lovely nesting box.
I was so excited and as I walked away I noticed this sad little, barely a shell (still warm) egg at the other end of the coop, also in the dirt.
I suspect Omelet laid the eggs.
Come on girls let the laying continue.
Bring on the quiches, soft boiled eggs and souffles.
I happen to think that eggs are the most perfect food, after chocolate of course.


  1. It was fun to click over here and see this post, as the one I had just finished reading was this one:


    I have good egg-hunting memories from my childhood, I am so glad my parents raised chickens every once in a while.

  2. Amen to eggs being a favorite food.

    In other news, I'm sad to report that my chicken flock (of 2) has been reduced by half and my dog has had a VERY long timeout.

    Please join me in a moment of silence as I mourn my pretty rooster and my child's fading innocence about the circle of life.

  3. delightful!! did you expect them so soon?

  4. and i just realized you titled this post with the very word i used to respond! :)


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