Today over at Beauty that Moves I discovered a link to the Simple Woman's Daybook and hence this list...I love to create lists and to play along.

Outside my window...the chickens are softly clucking and the fog is rolling in.
I am thinking...this IS a good life even if my heart is restless.
I am thankful for...the roof over my head, spending cash and yummy veggies in the garden.
From the kitchen...frozen yogurt, white chocolate chips and garden fresh blueberries.
I am wearing...slouchy black pants, slouchy black cardigan and slippers.
I am creating... embossed thank you cards, coloring Charley Harper and the such.
I am going...to bed early.
I am reading..."The Homeschool Option" and "The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance"
I am hoping...for some land and a big garden-someday.
I am hearing...Bugs Bunny on the TV and my children giggling.
Around the house...the chores are complete and the day is winding down.
One of my favorite things...iced lattes from Bette's
A few plans for the rest of the week: a bit of working, updating the shoppe, playing "life" with the kids, visiting friends and mopping my kitchen floor.
Here is picture for a thought I am sharing...


  1. fabulous ladybug picture. What are you creating there, lady?

  2. I love the Simple Woman's Daybook...it would be the simplest way to journal if I ever got started. Maybe someday! Thanks for sharing that little snapshop of your life.

  3. always a wonderful journal template. love the quiet beauty you've created here.

  4. love this.

    miss you friend. love seeing snippets of your life on here.

    next week???


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