Have you ever purchased a new food or brand of food on the recommendation of a random stranger/shopper in the grocery store?
Well, this week I did.
In the cereal aisle in fact.
Cereal is one of those foods I would like to wean my family from but alas, the love of cereal runs deep in all of us.
We make our own granola, eat other kinds of goodness for breakfast and try to buy "healthier" versions of cereal but it is still boxed processed food.
Three Sisters cereal is sold without a box (less space in the cupboard and less waste) and also carries a line of instant-ish oatmeal which are Jude approved..
For hot grains in a hurry.
These cereals are a bit too sweet for my liking but a fun breakfast treat and snack.
I also have a side pet peeve about cereal in general...why does it cost so much?

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  1. alas - sugar and fat make food taste good sometimes. but, our grocery makes really great knockoff of popular brands so that makes me happy. also, did you know that cvs (if you have them) frequently does 2 for 1 sales on cereal?


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