vacation montage 2

just a few more vacation photos.
the kids are new friends, the parents are old friends.

breakfast with a dear mama-to-be.

kids, uncles and aunts, oh my.

a quick trip to a play ground of my childhood...candy cane park.

more second cousins.
we only visited with a 1/4th of the second cousins on the prairies.
though the cousins we saw had the largest families.

the leg of a t-rex in drumheller.



get the creativity flowing.

sister-ish friend and our children.
truly...miss matthies and i have know each other for 38 years.

uncle love over breakfast,

and the most delicious meal of the entire trip was the morning we left.
for more photos of our trip check out our picasa site.

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  1. Looks like a very memorable vacation and a lot of sweet kids!


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