have you heard of snailtrail?
get this...you get yourself (in my case fly) to the uk, rent a vw bus and tour the countryside.
oh, hello.
i would totally rent "flo".
check out her sweetness.

we would be eating elevenses in style.
a year ago i was walking the countryside in the uk.
next time i'll travel in a vw.
oh, except i gotta go to paris first.
for my 40th.
it'll take me 2 years to save my moola.
then i will save for the uk and the certain vw bus named flo.

photos via snailtrailhttp://www.snailtrail.co.uk


  1. Holy crapoli! That is the cutest RV in the whole world!

    Glad you found me -- now we can be blogger friends AND irl friends :) Your stuff is adorable!

  2. Sounds like fun. I would totally do that too. Have never been to the UK, but would love to go.

  3. I would love to go to Europe. Maybe one day!

    This post reminds me of this post over at my favorite crochet blog:


  4. what a cute idea! i totally love it

  5. Stop it! Stop! Stop doing this to me! Now I have one MORE thing to add to the list of experiences-I-would-love-to-have-if-I-live-long-enough-and-don't-run-out-of-money! Love it!

  6. MUST COPY! I mope you won't mind seeing a little posty about this in my blog soon. I am SO crazytown in love with Matilda. I'm Tom Cruise jumping on the couch style in love with Matilda.
    And you're pretty cute too.


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