we are as alike as we are unalike.
we are opposites and samesies.
we are friends, rivals, peers and more importantly family.
we wouldn't be who we are today as individuals if we had not had one another.
i am the eldest of 4 children(3 girls 1 boy child) and we are all unique, strange and wonderful in our own right.
just like every family we have had our sibling rivalry but at the end of the day we would all move mountains for one another.
this past week has been a sisterly kinda week with the kids thrown in the mix.
sister, thank you for challenging me to see my blind spots, for reminding me to color code my books and take off dust jackets, for opening your "cute"home, letting me drive your "cute" car, for inspiring my kids to create artist boards, for giving up your precious vacation time to chauffeur us all over the prairies.
i carry your heart in my heart.

photo taken by delia on a windy saskatchewan day beneath a giant teepee


  1. how in heavens name can you find a book if they're color coded? it might look good, but highly impractical. you know how i feel about this. can't believe you're letting sara brainwash you so.


  2. *smile* this totally could have been written about me and my sister.

  3. I'm not sure what I love more - your post, or Wendy's comment!

  4. so sweet. the photo is lovely. the sisterliness is precious!


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