montage 1

family dinner

heritage park.

delia, uncle jon, jude at the calgary zoo.

for dad. their dad.

1st slurpees...ever.

for the love of second cousins.

the girl cousins.

the worlds largest teepee.

the greats.


  1. Ah. Thanks for the Calgary boost. I remember Sara tiling that table in the picture many moons ago (unless that's a different one....still brought back the memories). ENJOY the holiday "back home".

  2. Hello? Could the girl cousins be any lovelier? I don't think so.

    And hello? First slurpees EVER? You are indeed nuttier than I thought.

    Love you.

  3. Oh the family dinners that have been had around that table! Thanks for the visit, the memories and the fun! Glad to see all that Canadian culture - moose, teepees and slurpies! - introduced into your kids lives! :)

  4. what fun photos!
    love that those were your kids first slurpees! i'm not alone! nor are my kids!


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