Marco Polo and the deaf girl

When Delia was born deaf we often wondered what "normal" would look like.
It took us many years to realize that "normal" is just that, normal.
My normal life is different from your normal life.
Along this journey of deafness we discovered that most of the time Delia fits in with the other kids just hunky dory and on the rare occasion we do need to explain with a bit more detail, prepare her ahead of time or sign to her when it is noisy.
For the most part Delia does great with other kids...she is her usual bossy, demanding, stubborn yet wonderful self.

However, most of the time her interactions with friends & cousins is out of the water.
You see she can not hear in the pool, bathtub or ocean.
Her Cochlear implant BTE (the way in which she hears) is essentially a mini computer that can not get that wet.
Do you see where this story is going?
Yesterday in the pool with her cousins, "they" decided to play marco polo.
This taxed my sign language abilities, so I pull out her BTE, explain the rules and told her to be on a team with someone since she can't hear.
Of course, Dels is game to play...even if she didn't follow all the rules.
Just anther example of how a deaf child, inspite of hearing wonderfully with a bionic ear, is still a deaf child.
She'll never really be able to "acoustically locate" the "polo" in marco polo.
She can pretend she knows what she is doing but...
Sometimes my normal is a bit different from your normal.


  1. Sounds perfectly normal to me....
    Actually, Delia sounds like a pretty amazing little person with an extraordinary Mama!


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