An impetus for our holiday to Canada was to visit my Grandmother.
Grandma Light.
Our last face to face visit was at her 90th birthday, nearly 4 years ago.
So, to Grandmothers house we went.

My Grandma is a remarkable woman.
A woman whose earthly body fails her on a daily basis.
Her vision is nearly gone, as is her hearing and her energy.
However, her unfailing faith in her Saviour, her brilliant mind and her love of family remain steadfast.
Grandma continues to live an amazing life despite her afflictions.
She is a medical miracle, devoted mother and has the most remarkable memory.

Grandma lived her early years in Toronto and thrived as a secretary in large insurance firm when many of her contemporaries ran off to get hitched.
She married later in life to a farmer and moved to the bald headed prairies...a big change for a modern city gal.
I am grateful to God for my Grandma.
I am grateful for the hours we spent together this week.
I am grateful Jude and Delia got to know their great Grandmother.
I am grateful for her legacy of faith.
I am grateful for the legacy of family.
I am grateful for the legacy of the love of books.
I suppose you could say, I am just grateful.
my words seem so inadequate.


  1. beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

  2. Beautiful Nicole. She is a phenomenal woman isn't she.

  3. Beautiful. I agree, your grandma is a rare gem. I often heard stories about her when she was young...and friends with Marion Fraser. They were kinda two peas in a pod back in their younger days. I think tea with your grandma is now in order.


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