freezer paper

a quick semi-homemade gift for a birthday gift for a 7 year old boy.
freezer paper stencil.
check out my trusty helper.

I printed a giant "c" (the initial of the birthday boy) on freezer paper, cut said "c" out and ironed the paper (shiny side down) on to the tee then used brown fabric paint to create image.

ta da.
easy peasy and personalized.


  1. Awesome. But seriously, you're making us all look bad, so stoppit.

  2. Just got you comment -- I'm so glad the tea arrived! And wow, it came much quicker than I'd expected!

    Lots of love <3

  3. I love this! Lola's bday party is tomorrow and I've been busy making a purple guitar cake and a watermelon fruit skewer thingee and all manner of other crazinesses. Will be toast tomorrow at 6pm. :)


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