Bake Sale Betty.

Yep, all I do is eat out.
I do love food.
Good wholesome food,
tasty food,
new-to-me food.
These hips aren't just DNA.

Bake Sale Betty is in Oak-town and for several years I have heard nothing but rave reviews.
So, when a good friend, who is with child called and wanted to lunch there I jumped at the chance to check it out.

A glimpse of the baked goods...I scored a couple of cookies "on the house".
Way to win me over...give me something free and I will return.

The lunch option was a fried chicken sandwich as the egg salad was sold out.
Winner, winner chicken sandwich.
Let is be said, I am not a fried chicken fan but this was pretty scrumptious.

Tables at Bake Sale Betty are repurposed ironing boards with stools stretched down the block...move them around as you wish.
The line for lunch was down the block too, but undocumented as there were a gaggle of fire fighters in front of us in line.


Lunch as documented by 2 bloggers.
Her hand and camera and my foot.

Oh, did I mention the dessert option was strawberry shortcake.
I saved 1/2 my sandwich for John to enjoy as an after-school snack and likewise the shortcake dessert for the kids to have as an after-school snack.
Yep. I share.
So, if you live in the area, go to Bake Sale Betty.
Wait in the line like the locals and do not count calories.
If you do not live in the area but will be visiting I will be happy to take you to there and wait in line with you and because you will be on vacation there will not be any calorie counting.
Let them eat...


  1. Have you been to Sagrada down the street? Beautiful religious gifts... :)

  2. Ohhhh, how I adore those ironing board tables!

  3. oh yum!!!!! yum yum yum

    love the idea of the ironing boards!

  4. that looks amazing! tasty, creative and a fun date!!

  5. I LOVE bakesale betty's. Next time you go you must get the banana bread.
    On a weekend it's nice to take buy lunch there and walk over to the creek (behind the DMV) and much at one of the benches...

  6. No fair! I think I have suggested this almost every time I have visited AND I was just dreaming of it the other day...ah, Oakland...I am jealous!! Yup, THIS was worth commenting on.s

  7. okay, if i am ever in the area, let's go.


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