5 things I am grateful for...yesterday.

1. hiking with a boy (Jude) and his dog on the ridge whilst the cold blustery wind whipped around us.
2. observing cows and their calves settle in for the night in the tall grass on the ridge.

3. fresh out of the oven berry muffins.
4. sharing said muffins with a friend and her kids over a cup of tea.
5. fennel...a new favorite veggie ...first time I ever cooked it.


  1. those muffins do look mighty tasty. it sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. This is such a nice list! It's always good to grateful. I'd like to have a muffin, please? ;-)

  3. This makes me even more sad that I forgot to plant my fennel this year! Just plain forgot. Glad you had such wonderful things to enjoy!


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